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R.K. Caldwell is an established industry expert in the acquisition, operation, management and development of multifamily, hotel and resort properties in major metropolitan areas throughout North America. Its investment focus is on real estate assets within live-and-work communities that offer an excellent transportation infrastructure. RKC is committed to maintaining real estate operating standards that maximize asset value and reflect the company’s high standards of industry leadership and service. The company’s headquarters are located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Multifamily Services


Our Multifamily Business Unit provides real estate services to single-asset property owners. 



Our Multifamily Asset Management operations has an experienced team of real estate analyst who will cultivate a property's market value for ownership to increase its returns, maximizing a property’s value for investment purposes. We provide cash flow and investment analysis modeling and lease assumptions; that ultimately streamlines operating cost to improve cash flow and maximizing the property’s net operating income.



Our Multifamily Property Management team handles the day-to-day activities related to a property’s operations and physical activities, providing property level accounting, leasing and property maintenance.


Our Multifamily Leasing team provides small multifamily apartment owners the opportunity to work with a single leasing team that can represent exclusively the owner’s property showing property amenities in a positive light to prospective qualified tenants and advertise the rental unit by using a variety of media and promotional materials.


The Investor Relations Department contains information about the Company's business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.  

Stockholders can also view their stock holdings, transactions, and update contact information securely through Colonial Stock Transfer Investor Portal at .

Colonial Stock Transfer provides shareholder services to Company Stockholders by managing their ownership, complete stock transfers and restriction removals, replace lost stock certificates, and vote their proxies online.  Additionally, Colonial distributes shareholder letters, dividend and proxy meeting materials to Company shareholders. 

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