METRO Residents Inc, is a non-public real estate investment trust established May 2019 to acquire, develop, operate, manage and sell multifamily residential, hotel and resort properties located in major metropolitan areas in the Mid-Atlantic Region with a primary focus in the metropolitan area of New York City, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and the Northern Virginia Region. 

Our multifamily residential and hotel assets will be in live-and-work communities with excellent transportation infrastructure, and our resort properties will be conveniently located outside major metropolitan cities which aligns with each assessment criteria for upside income potential improving the REIT's Net Operating Income and Net Asset Value.    

METRO Residents is located in the Seagram Building

375 Park Avenue, Suite 2607

New York, New York 10152


Inquires should be emailed to rcaldwell@metroresidents.com 

METRO Residents Investor Relations website is currently under-development.